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Patient-Surgeon Bond
We strongly believe in the patient-surgeon bond, which is an invaluable tool in the healing process. This belief grows out of a holistic vision of the patient and this enables us to attend to the human being behind the tumour. We strive to assist the individual towards a tumor-free life of meaning and fulfilment.
Ethical Interactions
From consulting room to operating table to recovery ward, each interaction with our patients is guided by deep ethical considerations. As oncologists when faced with difficult dilemmas of selecting the most appropriate treatment courses, we strive to offer scientific opinions that are truly in the interest of the patient and their quality of life.
We believe that the true hallmark of an oncology professional in the 21st century is his or her ability to continuously upgrade knowledge and renew surgical techniques. It is our deep commitment to evidence-based medicine that motivates us to participate at the world’s highest medical forums of oncology so that our patients may benefit from the most current and highest medical care.