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Due to hard luck the patient gets such kind of disease but its good luck only we get to meet like Dr. Vishal Choksi. He is a man with full of confidence, courage and expertise in his field of curing from thyroid cancer. In addition, he is outstandingly compassionate, caring and jovial. He is god gifted – he talks to patients very patiently – provides all infrmation and answers all questions in detail and finally does a very sincere and good professional job at operation. As have come to knowledge others have also got the best results from him and have made their future life healthy. I recommend Dr. Vishal Choksi by any kind of hard luck if you face such disease like me than please don’t worry and visit him. He will make you for sure more healthier than before. Its great boon to the society to have Doctor like Dr. Vishal Choksi.

Bharat Maheswari
– India

Dr. Vishal Choksi was extremely professional, knowledgeable and skilled, caring and compassionate. He is one of the most effective and trustworthy health practitioners I have experienced.

Rajiv Karode

My father is doing well after his surgery. We are very satisfied with the entire treatment plan given to my father, who was really suffering with his disease. You were always there with us even during his emergency situation. The prompt emergency care provided by you has been life saving for my father. Thanks a lot for everything.

– Baroda, India

I have decide to come front to express my sincere heart feelings and comments regarding Dr. V. Choksi performance’s so as to let those who are in need of Neck and related Surgeon not to mis marvelous and reliable service from God’s Gifted.. specialist, Dr. V.Choksi. I personally meet him and witness his everseen creadible services, while I was in Apollo Ahmedabad, India, December, 2013. Actually, he was attending our father (78 years old) who was suffering from throat problems. He successfully managed to perform major operation which came to be realised to be cancer stage III. We spent about 83 days after the operation before getting discharged to go back home. Our longer stay was due to development of other complications not related to the operation. The operational wounds were almost completely healed after 21days from the operational date! am talking of a man whom I know in such experiences and time! For us it was God’s miracles to meet such a world class Neck Surgeon, who cares every patient regardless of his personality, wealth, culture, race or Nationality! He is really God Gifted Dr, humble to every one and practicing beyond professional! You can try to ask any person who happened to Visit Apollo Ahmedabad and spent some days there, he/she will tell you about the personal and professional qualities of Dr. V.Choksi. In fact he is one of the best Doctors who makes distinction on performance and recognition of the APOLLO HOSPITALS specifically AHMEDABAD Branch. In additional to my observations and comments specifically more on personal attributes, I advice you to confirm his professional and experience qualifications through his CV. Just Google Dr. Vishal Choksi.

– Tanzania

I had Thyroid Cancer (Medullary Carcinoma-Stage 4), It was detected in February 2012. I was only 27 year old at that time. After knowing about these disease me and my family was in so much stressed. Life become totally blank for me and my family, in that situation one of my doctor friend refer Dr Vishal Choksi. We go and visited him and he brief us in detail about my disease and also give us in detail information about the surgery they are going to do on me. We were super satisfied after brief discussion with him. I personally start feeling really relax and calm after meeting him & also started feeling really blessed that I was in really learned and perfect hand. He operated on me & operation went for more than 12 hours. Operation was 100% successful after his hard work for so many hours in operation theatre. I really appreciate him for always treating me like his younger brother. He is the man of perfection in his work. I never seen Doctor like him who is really accurate and committed fortreatment he give to his Patients. Even after I undergo from really complicated surgery, today I am 100% normal with my Neck & Head moment & also feeling 100% normal just only because of Dr Vishal Choksi. I really thankful to Dr Vishal Choksi to treat me and give me new life. I always pray to god for you to keep saving people life like you saved mine. I pray for your success.

– India

Mid of last year, i was troubled by persistent hoarseness in voice for several months & the drs. whom I consulted were neither able to diagnose nor could they treat this problem. On my net search I saw & liked the profile of Dr. Choksi of Apollo Hospital, so I visited Dr.Choksi who in first observation suspected cancer of larynx and advised me to go for biopsy for further confirmation. Biopsy confirmed early stage cancer. I then went through radiation therapy in Apollo as suggested by Dr Choksi. By end of the year, post undergoing the therapy, i came out fully fit with no trace of cancer. I am really thankful & obliged to Dr. Choksi for saving my life so easily.What impressed me about Dr Choksi – was decisiveness and clear communication on advising me to quickly go for biopsy post initial examination and clarity of thought in deciding & executing treatment plan.

Anil Garg
– India

When I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer;it was great challenge for us to have excellent surgeon as it was major surgery.I consider myself extremely lucky that I met Dr Vishal Choksi,a great oncosurgeon!On first meeting I was very impressed the way he explained the disease and risk related to surgery. I was relaxed on the day of surgery as I knew I was in safe hands and he did fantastic job! I really appreciate the way I was taken care of after surgery.His full support and care for further treatment is really admirable. I just want to say I will be always grateful to you sir. I highly recommend Dr. vishal choksi to anybody with head and neck cancer. Not only he is great surgeon but also a nice and kind person.

Rachna Khimani
– India

I would like to express my utmost and etrnal gratitude to you for all that you have done for me. Being diagnosed with oral cancer in my home country (East Africa) was possibly the hardest news that I have had to bear in my lifetime. But, from the moment I met you at Apollo Hospital. Gandhinagar (Ahmedabad) and your medical expertise, compassion and reassuring manner made this difficult experience so much easier to bear. I knew, from my very first consultation with you, that I was going to be in safe hands. The delicate and complicated surgery you performed on my tongue as well as during the removal of the lymph nodes in my neck was executed with such expertise that I have almost no scars to remind me of that experience. Your attention, reassurances and care before and after the surgery went beyond the call of duty. Now that I am ‘free’, you continue to make yourself available and accessible, even when we contact you being away from India with any concerns about my health. I feel like I have acquired another son from this experience! Thank you, Dr Vishal, for being the amazing doctor that you are and I wish you all the best in your future endeavours and opening of your private practice. I look forward to seeing you again during my annual check-up.

U. J.
– East Africa

My young brother’s wife Mrs. Riya Phulwani, residing in China was facing sever pain near Parotid Gland and was treated there but no relief. As Apollo is our first choice always due to its world class facilities we consulted oncology dept head Dr. Vishal Choksi. Dr. Choksi checked very carefully and after some lab tests Mrs. Riya Phulwani, was diagnosed with parotid tumor at an early age of 26. With facial nerves being involved, the complications had increased. Dr. Choksi briefed in details the complications and advice for surgery. Due to his full confidence we decided for the same and the surgery was performed and tumor was removed successfully. Dr. Choksi was updating me each and everything about surgery inside OT. I am highly impressed by the medical services provided as well as the personalized attention and care provided by Dr. Choksi and his entire team. During full treatment Dr. Choksi has been very cooperative in explaining each and every detail about the disease and its treatment. The results have been far better than expected and my brother’s wife has recovered very well. I am very happy with my choice. Wishing Dr. Choksi great success in future as well.

Lion Radhakishan Phulwani
– China